What Coverage Is Included In Commercial Auto Insurance?

Owners of commercial trucking companies must carry auto insurance just like other motorists do on their personal vehicles. This is required by law in all states in the U.S. While some states require more coverage than others, a commercial trucking company cannot do business legally without some form of commercial auto insurance. This is for the protection of the company, its drivers and other motorists out on the road. These are some of the types of coverage that commercial auto insurance has to offer.


The base type of insurance that commercial trucking companies are required to cover is liability. This includes property damages or injuries that occur to others if an accident happens. It also covers any damages that occur during loading or unloading of the company owned trucks.

Personal Injury

Commercial auto insurance also covers personal injury to the driver and any passengers of the company truck. This includes medical payments for treatment, hospitalization, medications therapy, lost wages and funeral expenses.

Collision and Comprehension

Collision coverage includes covering the cost of damages that occur to the company truck due to the accident, regardless of who is the at fault property. Comprehension covers any damages caused to the area surrounding the accident, such as guard rails, road damage or other damage done to public or private property.

Other Coverage

If the accident occurs with an uninsured or under-insured party, there is coverage that is available for this as well. For instance, if the other party is at fault and does not carry insurance, there will still be coverage for the damages that are suffered by the party that is not at fault.

The cost of towing the company vehicles and the rental of substitute vehicles to be used while the company vehicle is repaired can also be covered in commercial auto insurance.

Of course, all of this coverage is not included in a standard liability policy. The company owner has the option of buying additional coverage to ensure his drivers and trucks are fully covered in case an accident were to occur. An accident can occur when least expected.

Therefore, it is best to be prepared for it by choosing a commercial insurance policy that will give you the optimum coverage to keep your business running smoothly, even if an unexpected accident were to occur. Often, insurance companies will bundle these options to give you a full coverage policy that is more affordable. Visit http://www.truckwriters.com/ for more information.