Hire Established Roofing Contractors And Avoid Problems With Future Homeowners Insurance Claims

Even though the cost can be enormous, damage to a roof should be fixed right away to prevent the condition from worsening. To cover the high costs of repairs, people will turn to their homeowners insurance policy to pay for the work. Upon receiving a settlement payment from the insurance company, only hire the right professionals for the job. Catastrophes that strike once can strike again. You do not want to have subsequent claims denied because the original work was not done properly.

Taking a Risk and Hiring a Freelancer

Established roofing companies may charge fairly high costs to restore a damaged roof to its original condition. Upon receiving an insurance settlement, a homeowner might be tempted to hire a freelancer running an unofficial side business to do the job for far cheaper. If the job is done for less, the money saved from the insurance settlement can be put towards other expenses.

As long as the work on the roof is done right and no further complications arise, this plan could work out to perfection. Things don't have a tendency to work out so smoothly though.

Shoddy Work Undermines a Second Claim

Two or three years after the repair work was done, a hurricane or major snowstorm may necessitate more work on the roof. Previous low-quality repair work does not leave the roof in the condition necessary to handle the stress of the weather emergency. In a worst case scenario, sections of the roof repaired by the freelancer end up falling apart during the second weather catastrophe.

Filing a new claim might be more complicated this time: the insurance company could outright deny the new claim because:

  • The original repair work was not sufficient based upon the repair estimate agreed upon.
  • The damage is so extensive, doubts exist the work was done in the first place.

In both instances, homeowner neglect is blamed for subsequent damage. This makes things more complicated for the claimant.

Reputable Roofing Contractors Mean Fewer Hassles

Regarding refuting claims the work was done shoddily, the homeowners insurance company would have a tough time calling you neglectful if experienced contractors were hired. The insurer might be correct if you hired an unlicensed freelancer.

Refuting claims that the work was not done at all could be achieved by merely providing a receipt. A receipt from a legitimate company further proves the work was done by experienced professionals. If the original receipt was lost or misplaced, a legitimate company could provide a new one or a copy from older records. With a freelancer, locating the person after three years have passed might not even be possible.

Avoid problems getting all future claims processed by following a basic golden rule. Only hire a real roofing contractor to do the job.