Getting The Best Rate When Your Teen Starts Driving

If you have a teenager who had just passed their driver's exam, they will most likely be asking you for the keys to your vehicle or they might start saving for one of their own. Regardless of how they obtain wheels, they will need car insurance. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure you are getting the best deal on a car insurance policy for your teen driver.

Consider Staying With One Company

If you have car insurance yourself, or if you have a homeowner's or life insurance policy, it may be beneficial to add your teenager to your existing policy rather than looking for a new policy through another company. Often insurance companies will offer reduced rates on bundled insurance policies. Weigh this amount against other company's rates to decide if you are better off sticking with the company you have been dealing with in the past.

Use Grades As Leverage

When looking for a car insurance policy for your teen, ask the insurance company if they offer discounted rates for good grades. Many companies will ask that a report card is brought in as proof the teenager is maintaining an A or B average in their studies and will give a lower rate in exchange.

Select The Right Vehicle

If your teenager decides to drive a sports car, the amount you will be paying will be higher than if they were to drive a family sedan. Rather than allowing your teenager to start their driving career with a powerful vehicle, opt for one with safety features, a neutral color, and a favorable safety rating. 

Learn About The Road

Having your teen enroll in a driver's safety course can help keep their insurance rate at bay. Many car insurance companies offer discounts for completion of a safety course. You may be able to take the course yourself to save even more.

Show Safe Habits

The newest trend in car insurance rating is placing an apparatus in the vehicle to record driving habits. These computerized devices will prove that your teen is driving responsibly and the information obtained from the driving records will be evaluated by the insurance company. When they observe great safety habits, discounted rates may be awarded. 

It is a good idea to incorporate other safety features into your child's driving patterns as well. Some vehicles come equipped with automatic volume control for radios, speed restrictions to keep levels at a safe speed, and devices that shut off texting features on cell phones. These safety features will ensure your child does not get into an accident, possibly leading to a safe driver discount down the road. For more information, contact a company like Wyatt Insurance Agency.