Lower Your Insurance Costs For Your Teen Driver

You are legitimately proud of your newly-licensed teen driver, but along with the relief at no longer being a chauffeur there may come a shock when you view your new automobile insurance premium. Teen drivers are costly to insure, so read on for ways to lower your insurance costs when adding a teen to your policy.

The right car and the right driver.

The choice of vehicle that your teen drives makes a great deal of difference in your insurance rates. Ratings are based on repair costs, safety and the likelihood of the vehicle being stolen. Normally, basic sedans will the be least expensive to insure. Give your agent a call before you sign on the dotted line for a car for your teenager to get an estimate on a particular model.

When making your purchasing decision, you may notice that older models are less expensive to purchase, but they may lack the safety features of more modern vehicles such as stability control, anti-lock braking systems and airbags. Most policies allow you to choose which driver uses which vehicle the most. Seek your agent's assistance to pair your teen up with the vehicle that is the least expensive to insure.

Spy on your teenage driver.

You can save money by installing a device, provided by your insurance company, that monitors your teen's driving. Simply knowing the device is there could inspire your teen to be more careful, knowing that their speed and other factors are being recorded, rated, and then passed on to you in reports. These devices measure general speeds, speeds when cornering, sudden braking, etc. Additionally, the time your teen drives is recorded and rated, since more accidents occur when there are more sleepy or inebriated drivers out on the roads.


Schools, insurance agencies and private entities offer educational opportunities aimed especially at improving your teen's driving and lowering your premiums. Classes are usually held in a classroom setting, but are also available online. Many states actually require that teens take a basic driving safety and substance abuse class in order to take a driver's license exam. Other classes cover subjects that range from the importance of seat belt use to driving in hazardous weather.

The time and attention spent choosing the right vehicle and ensuring that your teen blossoms into a safe driver will pay off not only in lower insurance premiums but in your peace of mind every time they go out.

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