Ways To Curb Car Insurance Costs Everyone Should Know About

Wouldn't you just love to see a cut in your car insurance premiums? It's an expense that you need to have, but one that many begrudge paying. Well, with a little bit of know-how, you can curb the costs. Here are four ways everyone needs to know about reducing their auto insurance costs.

Look at Multi-Car Policies

By taking out multiple single policies, you will likely see higher premiums. Discuss your needs with your policy providers and see if they offer a multi-car discount for those vehicles at the same address. To benefit from this fully, you will usually need to be related to the other drivers by either marriage or blood.

Consider Adding Another Driver

Putting on a named driver on the policy sometimes means a reduction in premiums. This is especially the case if the other driver is endorsement free. 

Insurance companies will look at the license and the job the named driver holds. A job that is considered lower risk will usually lead to lower premiums overall.

Find Out About Mileage Thresholds

Your mileage will affect the policy costs as well. The more you drive, the more you are on the road around other drivers and hazards. This means you're a higher risk to someone who only drives a few miles a week. You can end up with fewer miles by using mass transit, but make sure you check with your provider what the mileage thresholds are to determine if this method would be worth doing.

Reduce Your Claims

Try to avoid claiming for the smallest problems. Many people will claim for a scratch due to misjudging the distance backing into their drives or for a bump into a lamppost. Paying out of your own pocket could work out cheaper than claiming through your insurer. Not only will you have to pay the deductible, anyway, but your premiums the next year will go up. You may want to check with the provider how much the premiums will raise compared to the costs you'll have to pay to fix your vehicle.

Being a cautious driver isn't enough anymore to keep your auto insurance costs down. You can keep yours as low as possible by following the tips above. Consider adding another driver to your policy and get in touch about the mileage threshold. You could soon find this necessary expense is no longer something to completely begrudge having.

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