Wintertime Mistakes That Could Result In A Home Insurance Claim

The arrival of fall means that winter is just around the corner, and this means that your home could soon be facing some potential risks that could result in damage and the need to file an insurance claim. You don't want damage to your home and the need to pay your deductible to get in the way of an enjoyable winter with your family, so it's useful to identify the wintertime mistakes that could increase the risk of making a claim. Here are some oversights that you should commit to taking care of this winter.

Dead Trees Around Your Yard

Dead trees in your yard can be an eyesore, but they can also threaten your home and increase the risk of an insurance claim and the need to pay your deductible. Dead trees are at risk of breaking off during high winds or also as a result of being loaded with heavy snow. For example, if you have a tree with dead branches that extends precariously over your roof or reaches the edge of your home, a heavy snowfall this winter could cause a branch to snap off and cause harm to your home. Before the snow flies, make sure to hire a tree service to take down any such dangers in your yard.

Unsupervised Candle Burning

There's little question that candles add a cozy ambiance to your home during the winter months. However, burning candles can increase the risk of a house fire, especially when you leave the candles unattended. Ideally, you should avoid burning candles entirely; instead, there are a number of battery-powered candles that emit a glow similar to a flame but without the risk. If you do wish to burn real candles, make sure that you're always in the same room as any candle that is lit.

Putting Packaging From Gifts Out To The Curb

After Christmas, you might habitually drag all the packaging from your family's gifts out to the curb on garbage day. If you've bought expensive gifts, however, the nature of the packaging can reveal the presence of valuables in your home — which could increase the risk of a break-in and a subsequent insurance claim if a burglar scouring the neighborhood notices your packaging and boxes. When you need to dispose of these items, do so with discretion. For example, break down boxes into small pieces so that their labeling is indiscernible to people passing through your neighborhood.

For more tips and questions about your insurance, talk with a representative of your local home insurance company.