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Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage Extends Outside The Home

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Having homeowner’s insurance in place is one of the best ways to protect yourself, and there’s good news: The coverage extends outside your home. That means that if you find yourself faced with situations like theft, injury, or damage, you could find most of those costs covered by your homeowner’s policy if no other insurance will cover them first. The key to figuring out what is covered outside the home is whether or not the items affected were personal, either personal belongings that were damaged or stolen, or items that were damaged by you. The Stuff in Your Storage Unit Your storage unit is technically your personal space as far as homeowner’s insurance goes, and your policy should cover the items in there like it would items in your actual home. If you rent a storage unit, the managers at the storage facility will likely want you to call your agent on the spot to verify coverage (many facilities require insurance coverage and will force you to buy their policies if you don’t have one of your own in place). But placing items into storage is such a common situation that your agent’s office will be able to tell you immediately if your items in storage are covered (and the answer will likely be yes). The Stuff in Your Car Your personal belongings in your car, such as emergency blankets, shopping items that you stored in the trunk, and so on are not usually covered under auto policies if the items are stolen. You would activate your homeowner’s insurance for these items. If your auto and homeowner’s policies are with the same agent, you might be able to use a streamlined claim process or even get a reduced or eliminated deductible, though not all policies will be like that. Your agent would be the person to ask about that. The Stuff in the Path of Your Poor Aim or Clumsiness Even the most graceful, athletic person out there has moments where concepts such as good aim and balance just go out the window. From walking through screen or glass doors to dropping breakable items accidentally to tripping and crashing into a store display, your homeowner’s insurance could actually cover some of that. Homeowner’s insurance has personal liability coverage, which often applies to these out-of-the-home accidents that cause damage. The exact coverage can vary from policy to policy, so contacting your agent to find out just what you could expect in situations like these is a good idea. Your agent (like those at Ronald H. Krupa Insurance Agency) can give you more information about how your particular policy would work in these situations, so don’t assume anything until you’ve called your agent. It would also be a good idea to discuss coverage limits, such as those for jewelry, which might necessitate adding riders if you have certain types of...

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Surprising Things Your Car Insurance Can Cover

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When shopping for auto insurance, it’s necessary to consider not only how much it costs, but also what it covers. This means you need to dig deep and know what the coverage can pay for besides the usual damage to your car, injury to its occupants, and liability for other people damages. With that in mind, here are four types of losses that car insurance can pay for: Pet Injury Some car insurance policies also cover pets injured in car accidents. In fact, some insurers will pay for pet injury irrespective of fault. In addition to finding out whether an insurer will cover pet injury, find out what the coverage limit too. This is necessary because veterinary bills can sometimes soar into thousands of dollars, and it’s important to know that your insurance will pay as much of this as possible. Damages Incurred During Riots These days, riots can break out at any time, and they can lead to considerable damage. Flying missiles can crack your windshield, stones can dent your car’s body, and petrol bombs can burn your car. While some insurance policies don’t offer protection for this loss, others will reimburse you for them. Rodent Damage Believe it or not, rodents can cause great damage to your car. For example, mice can get into your car and chew on the upholstery and electrical wiring. Most modern cars rely on electronics for their functions, which means damaged electrical wiring can cause malfunctions in different parts of the car. Such rodent damage may be covered depending on the wording of your comprehensive coverage. If you already have insurance, read through the covered perils section to confirm whether rodent damage is listed or excluded. If the language isn’t clear, talk to your insurance agent for further clarification. Earthquake Damage Those who have homeowners insurance know that standard policies do not offer protection or earthquake or flood damage. Fortunately, the situation is different for automobile insurance. If an earthquake ripples through your neighborhood and the ripples crack your windows, your auto insurance might come to your rescue. It just depends on what kind of policy you have. It is better to learn all these things before you experience any loss. Therefore, when shopping for auto insurance, compare all the covered risks to understand exactly what you are getting in each case. Scrutinize the excluded risks too. If a risk isn’t listed as covered or excluded, get clarification from your insurance agent; don’t make any assumption....

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Tips For Saving When Shopping For Auto Insurance

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Are you getting ready to buy a new auto insurance policy because your current plan is close to expiring? If you are, then you are likely looking for the best deals in town. Well, rather than compromise your coverage in order to save money on your insurance cost, there are many ways that you can maximize your savings without reducing your coverage, like doing the following: Shop From an Online Marketplace: If you usually call the insurance company that you are interested directly, then you could easily be missing out on discounted rates. This is because the insurance company assumes you are going to select them, which means their rates won’t be very competitive. Instead, consider shopping on an online insurance marketplace. Not only will this allow you to receive competitive pricing, but this will allow you to see what your options are as far as coverage versus price with hundreds of different car insurance providers. This will make shopping much easier, and the best part is that you can do it from your phone or computer, which makes this option far more convenient if you have a hectic schedule.  Add Other Coverage To Your Shopping Cart: Though you may only have your mind set on buying an auto insurance policy, consider replacing your current insurance plans that you may have for your apartment, home, or health. Bundling your other plans with your car insurance can help you receive multi-coverage rates which can reduce the cost of not only your car insurance but the other plans you purchase as well, and this could amount to a great deal of savings at the end of the year across all of your insurance coverages.  Don’t Wait Till Your Current Policy Expires: If there’s a lapse in your insurance coverage, then the new insurance company you shop with may assume that you are not a reliable driver and fail to pay for your insurance coverage. This can cause your insurance rates to increase, which can hurt your monthly insurance cost. So it is important that you don’t wait until your current insurance policy to expire before you begin shopping for your new plan. This will help you save money, but most importantly it will keep you and your vehicle protected.  Taking advantage of these helpful tips can be a great and easy way for you to save money. Along with money-saving discounts, applying these tips towards your shopping situation can help you obtain the best quality coverage so you can continue to stay protected without hurting your coverage as a result of reducing the cost of your policy. So, before you begin cutting coverage and features from your policy, be sure to benefit yourself by shopping with these three tips in mind. Click to find out more about shopping for auto...

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Road Trips Planned This Summer? How To Prepare Safety Packs For Your Family

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Summer is here. Time to hit the road for some fun family adventures. While you’re packing for vacation, be sure to pack some emergency supplies for you and your family. You never know when an accident is going to happen. Some advanced preparation can help your family deal with a stressful situation. Here are some tips on how to prepare safety packs for each member of the family. You The first pack you should prepare is yours. If you’re prepared, you’ll be able to provide the assistance that the rest of your family is going to need. The first item you should place in your emergency pack is a spare cell phone and charger. In a car accident, your primary cell phone may be lost or damaged. If that happens, you may not be able to call for help, especially if there are no other cars in the vicinity. Having an emergency phone in your pack will allow you to reach out for assistance. Here are a few other items you should have in your pack. First aid kit Closed-toed shoes Emergency contact list Copies of insurance policies Babies If you have babies with you during an accident, you should be prepared for their emergency needs. Even if they’re not physically injured, they’re going to be frightened. Because small things like toys, and pacifiers can get lost during car accidents, your baby’s emergency pack should include those replacement items. In addition, you should also include several spare diapers and a soft blanket for your baby. The blanket will allow you to swaddle your little one if they’re distressed. Older Kids Your older kids are going to need an emergency pack, as well. Older kids might not tell you that they’re stressed out. In fact, they might just shut down. Having an emergency pack prepared for your older kids will provide them with things to help keep their minds off a stressful situation. Some things to keep in their emergency packs include: Hand-held video games iPod with their favorite music already downloaded Headphones Small blanket You hope that your family will stay safe during summer vacation. Unfortunately, even with the best planning, accidents can still happen. If they do, you want to make sure that you’re prepared for the aftermath. The information provided above will help you provide some security for your family if you’re involved in a car accident this summer. Before you hit the road for your vacation, be sure to speak to your auto insurance agent about specific ways to keep your family safe on the road....

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Three Tips For Protecting Your Home Against Water Damage

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Water damage can be a devastating problem for your house to encounter. Unfortunately, this can be a problem that many new homeowners may not fully understand. To help ensure that you keep your home safe from this potentially severe source of damage, you should make sure to consider these following few tips. Review Your Insurance Policy The costs of repairing water damage can be extraordinarily high. While insurance can be an excellent way of protecting yourself from having to pay these expenses, you should be aware that water damage can be a tricky type of claim for you to file. This stems from the fact that insurers will typically treat different sources of water damage in different ways. Damage stemming from flooding will typically only be covered if you have an active flood insurance policy on the home. In contrast, water damage from ruptured pipes or other sudden plumbing problems will typically be covered under these plans. Due to these discrepancies, you should speak with your insurance agent to determine exactly what sources of water damage your home is covered against so that you will know if you need to purchase additional coverage. Invest In Basement Pumps The basement can be one of the areas of the home that is most prone to suffering water damage due to it being the lowest point of the home. This damage can occur due to poor soil drainage or excess rains. Luckily, you can help you to prevent this damage from occurring by installing a sump pump. These pumping systems use a trench or reservoir to collect excess water. When the pump detects that water is present in the reservoir, it will activate to pump the water out before it can cause serious damage to your basement. Install Leak Detection Systems Leaks from the plumbing can be another common source of water damage, but this problem can be especially difficult to notice because your plumbing may be hidden behind walls or floorboards. As a result, you may not notice this issue until your house has already sustained extensive water damage. Fortunately, you can help to mitigate this threat by installing leak detection sensors. These devices will activate when a sudden increase in moisture is detected. In addition to alerting you to this problem, these sensors will also make it easier for the plumber to locate the source of the damage, which can help to minimize any disruptions and costs involved with repairing the leak.  For home insurance, contact a company such as Rudolph W....

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Just Out Of College? 4 Ways To Cut Your Auto Insurance Costs

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If you just graduated from college and are working on balancing your budget and paying your bills for the first time, you are probably quickly learning how your expenses quickly add up. Here are a few tips that will help you reduce your auto insurance costs.  #1 Ask About Discounts When setting up your insurance, make sure that you ask about what discounts you qualify for. Sometimes, if you don’t ask about the discounts, you don’t get them. Here are a discounts you should check on when setting up your insurance: Safety Discounts: Many insurance companies offer discounts for features your vehicle may already have, such as airbags, anti-lock brakes and a back-up camera. Let your insurance agent know about all the safety features on your vehicle.  Multi-Policy: Most insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts. You don’t need to own a second vehicle or a home to get a multi-policy discount; if you carry renter’s insurance, you can get a multi-policy discount.  Paperless Billing: Ask your agent if there is a benefit or discount from going paperless. If you already manage most of your bills online, this can be a good day to go.  Payment: Some insurance companies offer discounts if you make your payment up-front instead of monthly installments; it can pay to save up and make one payment instead of six monthly payments.  #2 Pay Attention To How Your Coverage Is Set Up The next thing you need to do is look carefully at how your coverage is set up. The amount and type of coverage that you have greatly influences the rates that you pay. If you want to reduce your insurance rates, look at what coverage you are paying for. For example, if you are paying for roadside assistance, but also have Triple AAA, you may want to get rid of one of those services. Or, if you are paying for full coverage for your vehicle, but your vehicle is only worth $2,000, you might be better spent reducing your coverage and saving that extra money in case anything happens to your vehicle.  Another way to save money is by increasing the amount you pay for your deductibles. If you do this, just make sure that you have access to that much money in case you actually need to pay your deductible.  #3 Look Into Usage-Based Insurance Then you should look into to lower your insurance rates is usage-based insurance. These insurance programs are based on how many miles that you actually drive as well as how you drive. Most of these programs use either devices that plug into your vehicle or smartphone applications to gather the information that they use to determine your usage rates. #4 Take A Driver’s Safety Course Finally, you can lower your car insurance by taking a driver safety course for many insurance companies. Ask your insurance company if they have any approved driver’s safety courses that you can take. This can lower your insurance rates for multiple years.  Use the four tips above to negotiate your insurance rates and lower your insurance bill. Part of learning balance your budget is about learning when you can cut your expenses as...

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Why You Should Think Twice Before Switching Auto Insurance Carriers

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Many online publications claim that motorists can save on their auto insurance costs by switching carriers. According to some reports, you can save as much as 19% by switching. This may be true, but there are also many other benefits of staying loyal to one insurer. Here are some of the benefits you may enjoy by being loyal: Loyalty Discounts Your insurance carrier is interested in keeping you as a customer, which is why it gives you discounts on your premiums after some time. This is one of the methods they use to retain existing clients. As you would expect, the discounts vary by insurer. Accident Forgiveness Insurers set their premiums based on the riskiness of a motorist. Naturally, having an accident in your driving history is likely to increase your rates. However, some insurers have a program where they do not increase rates for a customer even after they have incurred an accident and made a claim; this is known as accident forgiveness. Some insurers award accident forgiveness to clients who have remained accident-free for a specific history, which rewards both safe driving and loyalty. Vanishing Deductibles When you incur damage, there is usually a set amount of money your policy requires you to pay upfront before it tops up the difference; this is known as the deductible. Some auto insurers reward their loyal customers by reducing their deductibles after some time. In some cases, the vanishing deductible may be awarded as a progressive drop until you will be paying a negligible deductible after a long time. However, you may be required to pay a small fee for the benefit. The Chance to Bundle Coverage Buying all your insurance policies from the same company is one of the best ways of reducing insurance costs. Most insurers offer discounts to customers who purchase multiple insurance coverages from them. It is easy to bundle your coverage by staying with one insurer for a long time. That way, you just buy your insurance from the same company each time you need coverage. However, if it is difficult to bundle you are coverage if you are constantly switching carriers since it may be inconveniencing to switch all your insurance needs. In short, don’t just assume that it is best to switch your auto insurer coverage after some time. Rather, analyze your unique circumstances as well as your insurer’s policies before making a decision. Who knows, you might just find out that you are better off being loyal to the same insurer. To make sure you’re getting the best deal, talk with a professional from a company like Green Light Auto Insurance Specialists....

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Two Tips To Help You Get Affordable Car Insurance When You Have An SR22

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If you have an SR22, or Certificate of Financial Responsibility, one of the main hurdles that you may encounter is difficulty finding affordable car insurance.  Automobile insurance is often more expensive when you have an SR22 because insurance companies may believe that you present a greater risk than other motorists.  However, there are things you can do to help make your car insurance coverage more affordable.  Use this information to learn two tips that can make your insurance budget-friendly even when you have an SR22. Contact A Local Driving School One of the first things you should do when you need car insurance and you have an SR22 is contact a driving school.  This is beneficial for a couple of different reasons. First, some insurance companies will offer a discount to SR22 policyholders who take a defensive driving course.  The insurance company sees it as a positive thing for their insureds to learn techniques that can help make them better drivers, since this could reduce the chances of an accident.  You should call your insurer to find out if they offer this discount.  If they don’t, it may be time to get quotes from elsewhere. In addition, some driving schools are privy to information about which insurance companies offer the best rates to people with SR22’s.  The driving schools will be more than happy to make you aware of the insurer you should call because they may receive a perk from the referral. Request An Auto-Draft Discount Another technique you can use to help make your SR22 insurance more affordable is to request an auto-draft discount. What this means is that the insurance company will have your permission to debit your premium from your checking or savings account each month. Insurers offer a discount for auto-drafting because it means that they will more than likely get their payments.  It also shows responsibility, which is the very thing that you’re trying to prove that you are.  There may be an even larger discount if you pay the entire premium balance up front, rather than making monthly payments. Getting an SR22 doesn’t have to mean that you’ll be stuck with an unmanageable car insurance bill.  Don’t make the mistake of allowing your insurance protection to lapse because you can’t afford the payment.  When you have an SR22, start using these tips right away so you can get your car insurance premium down to an amount that you can...

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Why You Need An Agent When Buying Business Insurance

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When you own a business, it is essential that you protect it in every way you can. This begins with getting business insurance. There are a variety of different policies to get for your business, protecting everything from crimes to the property itself. It sometimes helps to have an agent, like Reinard Insurance Agency Inc, when choosing the right insurance policies, instead of trying to do it all on your own. Here are some reasons to consider using an agent when buying business insurance. The Agent Knows What Your Business Needs One benefit you get from going through an insurance agent instead of trying to find the policies on your own is that they will be able to tell you what your risks are and what policies you need. Agents work with all types of businesses, and they do their research. Give the agent as much information as you can about your business, and they will return with the best policies for you. You are not forced to choose all the business insurance policies they recommend, but it is a good place to start. An insurance agent will know when you are a business in need of commercial auto insurance or extra cyber-crime insurance. They Can Help You Customize Your Policies Some insurance policies for businesses are not stand-alone policies, but ones you can customize to fit your needs. For example, if you need commercial auto insurance, you can decide from many extra features and add-ons, depending on your risks. You may conduct business in an area where theft and vandalism is more common, or you may have truck drivers delivering products, so protecting the goods inside your trucks is important. You can also choose a business owner’s policy (BOP), which is a package policy that requires adding different insurance policies to combine into one package deal. If you are a small or mid-size business, a BOP package is usually the way to go since you cover more bases within a reasonable cost. The agent can help you customize this for your individual needs. They Become Long-Term Consultants You probably know that you can have CPAs and lawyers on retainer, but did you know you can do something similar with your insurance needs as well? For instance, if you use one insurance agent, they cannot only help you set up your company’s policies, they can help you set up health insurance and other policies for employees as well. Every time you have new needs or your business grows, you can go right back to that agent to update your policies or add new areas of coverage. An agent is also valuable as a long-term consultant because many are independent consultants and typically don’t have loyalty to one company, meaning they can offer you a variety of policies. This long-term arrangement is great because the agent already knows you and your business, so you don’t have to explain what you do all over again or struggle to figure out what insurance you need on your...

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How Men Can Beat Higher Insurance Rates

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In a society where women still face discrimination, automobile insurance rates “flip the script,” so to speak. Men, particularly young single men, usually pay far more than their female counterparts for car insurance. This discrepancy often occurs during different periods in their lives. If you are facing this problem, you can take steps to lower your rates. Accident Rates The insurance industry will tell you that they charge higher rates for men because they are involved in more accidents. Young men, in particular, pay much more for insurance. Experts say that a young man in Nevada could pay as much as $2000 more a year for the same coverage  as his twin sister who has the same driving and academic record. Over their lifetimes, men pay approximately $15,000 more for vehicle insurance.  Safe Driver Although the assumption is that men are generally worse drivers, individuals can work to lower their premiums. Driving safely and avoiding traffic violations are obvious steps. Safe driver discount programs are pretty standard throughout the industry, so you can lower your own rate although a woman with the same record may still pay less.  PAYD Pay-as-you-drive insurance is a possible solution for some men, although not every state offers this option. These policy rates largely depend on how many miles you actually drive instead of your gender. If you mainly commute short distances to work and take few long road trips, you can save quite a bit of money.  Vehicle Choice Men 25 and under can lower their premiums by avoiding “specialty” vehicles and sports cars. Although a teenage boy may think driving a sedan is embarrassing, his attitude may change when he realizes how much money he can save on insurance. Marriage Although you should not get married only to lower your rates, matrimony does have that effect. Once a man is married, he tends to get in fewer accidents because he drives more cautiously. Also, married men pick cars with higher safety ratings, probably to protect their family members in case of an accident.   If you are a man, most insurance companies will charge you more in premiums than they do women. You may be the safest driver out there, but other men in your age group bring the safety average down. Although you probably cannot escape this bias, you can take other steps to lower your individual premium. One advantage of aging is that the discrepancy between men and women’s rates usually closes.   Get car insurance quotes to get...

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