5 Reasons To Get Insurance For Your Fishing Boat

Boating is an All-American pastime. Feeling the breeze, hearing the lapping of the water, and looking out to the horizon is a feeling like no other. Fishing is held in the same regard, which is why fishing boats are the perfect combination of technology and nature for lovers of the great outdoors. But all too often, boat owners don't understand the importance of protecting themselves, others, and their boats from potential catastrophes. If you own a fishing boat, it is vital that you have insurance. Here's why:

It's the Law

Whether public or private, many waterways and marinas require that you carry boat insurance. You may think you're saving money or getting away with something by holding off on purchasing coverage, but the legal penalties can hit you when you least expect it.


When your boat is tied up on the shore or the docks, it can slam into water craft. In addition to boat damage, liability insurance can protect you from potential harm to others from your boat - this point shouldn't be overlooked, as open motorboats (the category that most fishing boats fall under) cause more casualties (page 7) annually in the United States than any other water vessel. Even if your boat is stored and out of the water, you might be held liable if someone injuries themselves on it - even if they're there illegally.

Protecting Your Boat

Even if you are an incredibly attentive and safe driver, you can't control the actions of others. Comprehensive fishing boat insurance can protect you and your boat from harm by other drivers and watercraft. In addition, when you store your boat in the marina for the winter months, it isn't as safe as you might think. Fire, vandalism, flooding, and theft can all still occur, and contrary to what you may think, you can still file claims for these problems during cold weather.


Anglers commonly have expensive electronic fishing equipment in their boats to help determine the depth of field and locate otherwise invisible fish. This pricey equipment can be particularly susceptible to theft, and therefore special fishing insurance exists to cover these items.

Loss of Income

One of the least known facts about fishing boat insurance is that you can actually be reimbursed due to a loss of income. For instance, if you are unable to enter a fishing tournament because your boat is lost or damaged, your insurance could compensate you for that loss of potential income.

There's a reason fishing boats are so popular. They're a portal to another world, a chance to experience relaxation and exhilaration in one trip. However, too many people underestimate the importance of boat insurance, leaving themselves vulnerable to paying hefty sums due to theft, damage, and bodily injury. Give yourself peace of mind and security with proper fishing boat insurance.