Three Budget-Friendly Car Insurance Extras You May Have Overlooked

When you start a new car insurance policy, especially if you haven't upgraded your plan in awhile, you may notice some new options. You may overlook them and hit skip to get to the next screen and finalize your policy. Before you go that route, consider the three budget-friendly car insurance extras that you might need.

Mileage Tracker

There are some car insurance companies that offer mileage trackers for your vehicle. This tracker attaches to your car, truck, or SUV and keeps track of how many miles you drive in a month. It will then average that amount and send that information to your insurance company. If you drive less than a certain amount every six months, you may be eligible for a discount on your next insurance premium. Think of it as a pedometer for your car.

Car Rental Expenses

If your car is damaged and needs repairs that will last longer than a day, you'll be provided with a rental car on some insurance policies. You may look over this option, but consider the true cost of a rental car if you pay out of pocket. Your car insurance will cover the rental directly meaning you can get a discounted rate, skip the hassle of scheduling the car online or over the phone, and you may get a better car through the insurance than one you would be paying full price for. This can really save you time and money, especially when a costly repair is staring you in the face.

Locksmith Services

Having a locksmith service on your insurance may seem like a waste of money, until you are standing in the rain locked out of your car. Calling an emergency locksmith to get into your car can cost you a pretty penny, especially after hours. If you have it as a car insurance extra on your coverage, then you are paying a very small fee to insure that you have a locksmith when you need them. Keep in mind that some insurance providers will also cover replacement keys as part of the locksmith service.

These are just three examples of available car insurance extras that could help you in a bind. Each one can reduce your expenses on your insurance or for emergency services that would normally be paid for out of pocket. The key point to remember is to consider each extra and your driving style and lifestyle. Talk to a place like Martin Insurance Company for more information on insurance extras.