3 Wedding Details Not to Overlook

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, but keeping track of all of the details can be stressful. You most likely won't forget about purchasing your wedding dress or buying your a wedding ring for your future spouse, but there are many important details that are often overlooked. If you are in the process of planning a wedding, don't forget about the following things:

Wedding Day Transportation

You and your groom obviously need to arrive at the venue the day of the wedding, but some couples forget to make concrete transportation plans. Depending on your budget, you may want to consider hiring a limousine service to transport everyone from the location where they are getting ready over to the wedding venue itself. Many couples get ready separately, so if this the case for you, you will need to book a limo for you and your attendants, as well as your groom and his groomsmen. If you opt not to hire a limousine company, make plans in advance to determine who will be driving everyone and which cars will be used. Also, don't forget to plan for transportation when you and your fiance leave the wedding together as husband and wife.

Special Event Insurance

Depending on the type of venue at which you are holding your wedding and reception, you may be responsible for purchasing special event insurance to protect against damages to the venue or any injuries to your guests. You may opt to purchase this insurance policy through a company recommended by the venue or check with your own insurance company for rates. In addition to event liability insurance, you may want to consider other forms of special insurance policies available, such as an event cancellation policy or a policy designed to insure your wedding rings, wedding dress, the groom's tuxedo, and wedding gifts.

Children at the Wedding

While some couples opt to not have children at their wedding and reception, there are many who invite young family members and the children of close friends. If you will be having children at your wedding and reception, consult the caterer to request different meals for children; the cost per plate of food at a wedding can be expensive, so you can save a lot of money by serving your young guests more kid-friendly food at a lower cost. Depending on the number of children invited, you may want to consider hiring a nanny or babysitter to entertain and care for the children during your event so their parents can celebrate with you and have fun.