How Men Can Beat Higher Insurance Rates

In a society where women still face discrimination, automobile insurance rates "flip the script," so to speak. Men, particularly young single men, usually pay far more than their female counterparts for car insurance. This discrepancy often occurs during different periods in their lives. If you are facing this problem, you can take steps to lower your rates.

Accident Rates

The insurance industry will tell you that they charge higher rates for men because they are involved in more accidents. Young men, in particular, pay much more for insurance. Experts say that a young man in Nevada could pay as much as $2000 more a year for the same coverage  as his twin sister who has the same driving and academic record. Over their lifetimes, men pay approximately $15,000 more for vehicle insurance. 

Safe Driver

Although the assumption is that men are generally worse drivers, individuals can work to lower their premiums. Driving safely and avoiding traffic violations are obvious steps. Safe driver discount programs are pretty standard throughout the industry, so you can lower your own rate although a woman with the same record may still pay less. 


Pay-as-you-drive insurance is a possible solution for some men, although not every state offers this option. These policy rates largely depend on how many miles you actually drive instead of your gender. If you mainly commute short distances to work and take few long road trips, you can save quite a bit of money. 

Vehicle Choice

Men 25 and under can lower their premiums by avoiding "specialty" vehicles and sports cars. Although a teenage boy may think driving a sedan is embarrassing, his attitude may change when he realizes how much money he can save on insurance.


Although you should not get married only to lower your rates, matrimony does have that effect. Once a man is married, he tends to get in fewer accidents because he drives more cautiously. Also, married men pick cars with higher safety ratings, probably to protect their family members in case of an accident.  

If you are a man, most insurance companies will charge you more in premiums than they do women. You may be the safest driver out there, but other men in your age group bring the safety average down. Although you probably cannot escape this bias, you can take other steps to lower your individual premium. One advantage of aging is that the discrepancy between men and women's rates usually closes.   Get car insurance quotes to get started.