Having A Party At Home? Keep Your Chances Of A Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Low With These Tips

In a lot of ways, having a big party right at your own house is much better than renting a space. For example, at home you don't have to worry so much if a guest spills a drink or if the party runs a little longer than it should. However, having a party for a bunch of adults at home also brings about a major concern where liability is concerned as a homeowner. If one of your guests gets hurt, you could be left with a homeowner's insurance claim on your hands. To keep the likelihood of injuries and accidents low at your party, keep these helpful tips in mind.  

Keep the party area limited to only a portion of the home. 

The last thing you want to do is have guests roaming through every room in the house unattended. You should keep the party area contained to just a few rooms so you can better keep an eye on everyone and everything that is taking place. This can be accomplished in a friendly way, such as hanging up caution tape across the entryway to the upstairs part of the house or hanging up signs to point guests in the direction of the bathroom they should be using. 

Make sure you have ample parking space available. 

A crowded driveway is a good place for an accident to occur because visibility will be limited when your guests are pulling in or out, which can lead to fender benders and injuries. Before you invite over 50 people for a house party, make sure you have a good idea of where these people will park. Make arrangements with neighbors for drivers to park along the curb in front of their home if you have to, but don't just expect guests to figure out parking on their own when they get to your home. 

Keep the service of alcoholic beverages in check. 

Alcohol is a common staple at a party for adults, whether it is bottles of wine or cocktails. However, having a party at home that involves excessive amounts of alcohol could easily lead to an accident or injury. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the number of drinks guests can have to a minimum. Serve food and snacks to help deter intoxication, and stick with alcoholic beverages that have a lower alcohol content. For example, serve wine spritzers, which have only a fraction of the amount of alcohol, instead of just wine.