2 Questions To Ask When Shopping For Cheaper Auto Insurance Coverage

Whether you have just purchased a new vehicle or are adding another driver to your insurance policy, you may not be happy with how much you are expected to pay. Because of this, you may be shopping around for a new company that can offer you cheaper rates.

Even after narrowing down your choices of companies, you may still be on the fence with your decision, wondering if there is any way to negotiate the premium down even further. If so, start by asking the following questions when shopping around for insurance coverage for your vehicle:

1.  How Does the Location of Your Home and the Distance You Drive to Work Affect Your Premium?

One thing that you can ask when trying to find more affordable coverage is how much where you live and work affects your policy. Does the location of your home factor into the premium? Also, does the distance that you have to drive to get to work have an impact as well?

If you live in a city or larger area, the zip code in which you live could affect your rates. And, if you have to drive more than a few minutes to work, this could drive up your rates. However, if you commit to carpooling or using mass transit to go to work even a few days a week, you could help to lower the premium cost.

2.  Does the Insurance Company Offer Any Type of Discount Program or Packages?

When you speak with the insurance company, ask the representative if they offer any type of discount program or packages. Do they cut your rates if you have a clean driving record? Also, can you bundle all of your vehicles or even your home and auto insurance for a discount?

You may also want to ask if they offer discounts for other things, such as being a veteran. If you have or are willing to take a safe driving course, you should bring this up, as it could help to lower the cost.

The above questions are just a couple of things that you can ask when trying to find the cheapest rate for your car insurance. While there are some things that you may not be able to change, such as where you live and work, you may still be able to get credit for how well you drive or the safety features of your vehicle. Once you find a company that offers cheap auto insurance in your area, you can find out what programs and packages they have to offer that may help to decrease the cost even further.