About Finding A Good Deal On Auto Insurance With The Help Of A Broker

Are you in a financial bind and need to find auto insurance rates that are easy on your budget? To make your hunt for affordable insurance easier, from a company like Woodmansee Insurance Inc, you can hire a broker to help you out. In this article, learn what an auto insurance broker can do to get you a good deal and what your options are. How Can an Auto Insurance Broker Assist with Finding an Affordable Rate? Read More 

Worried About Little Emergencies? Expand Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Most people know that homeowners insurance will cover their belongings if someone breaks into their home, if their home is damaged in a storm, or if their house catches on fire. Most people also know that homeowners insurance does not cover the day-to-day maintenance costs of owning a home. However, if you pay for the right coverage, it is possible to get your insurance company to cover some of the day-to-day costs of keeping your home up-to-date. Read More 

Why Full Coverage Is a Better Option Than Liability Auto Insurance

Are you driving around with only liability auto insurance coverage because you don't want to spend more money than necessary? Although liability auto insurance is good because you have the minimal insurance required by law, you may want to switch to full coverage. Here is why switching to full coverage is better than settling for liability auto insurance. What Makes It Worth Paying for Full Coverage over Liability Auto Insurance? Read More 

3 Home Improvements That Can Lower Your Home Insurance Costs

Homeowner's insurance is a great safety net in the event that something happens to your house, but it can get a little pricey sometimes. However, there are a myriad of options available to lower your insurance premiums, such as bundling all of your insurance policies through one company or maintaining a good credit score. You can even perform a few home improvements that can dramatically lower your insurance costs, such as installing a new roof, security system, and impact windows. Read More 

How Police Can Tell How Fast You Were Going Before An Accident Using Skid Marks

When police are called to an accident scene, they have several concerns in mind as they respond to the accident. A major concern will be to figure out which driver caused the accident (which will go a long way in determining whose insurance company will be liable to pay any claims resulting from the accident). One of the ways they determine responsibility is by figuring out how fast the cars involved in the accident were traveling at the time of the collision. Read More