What Coverage Is Included In Commercial Auto Insurance?

Owners of commercial trucking companies must carry auto insurance just like other motorists do on their personal vehicles. This is required by law in all states in the U.S. While some states require more coverage than others, a commercial trucking company cannot do business legally without some form of commercial auto insurance. This is for the protection of the company, its drivers and other motorists out on the road. These are some of the types of coverage that commercial auto insurance has to offer. Read More 

Home Insurance Prepaid: What Happens When Your Home Is Foreclosed?

Most homeowners have prepaid insurance, courtesy of their escrow accounts with their mortgage lenders. When a homeowner like yourself finds that he or she can no longer afford to make mortgage payments and his or her lender begins the foreclosure process, where does the prepaid insurance go? That all depends on whether or not your escrow account is ahead or behind on payments too. When You Are Behind on Escrow Payments Read More 

Car Insurance Discounts That Could Save You Money

Everyone needs car insurance, and, unfortunately, everyone also has to pay for that car insurance. Obviously, you want to find the most affordable car insurance possible while still ensuring that you get the best coverage. One easy way to get the best of both worlds--adequate coverage and affordable pricing--is to take advantage of car insurance discounts. Most auto insurance services offer some discounts, but it's in your best interest to know about the many discounts available and to make sure you choose a provider that offers you all or at least most of the discounts to which you are entitled. Read More