3 Ways That You Can Reduce Your Monthly Car Insurance Premiums When You Work From Home

One of the best benefits of working from home full-time is that you no longer need to commute to the office. You'll use less gas and reduce the amount of wear and tear that you place on your car, helping you save money on repair costs. An additional way that you can save money when you're working from home is to change your car insurance coverage to reduce your premiums. To learn three ways that you can save money on your car insurance when you work remotely, read on. Read More 

Quick Facts To Learn About Rental Vehicle Automobile Insurance

It can take time to get total compensation from your insurer. For instance, if your vehicle is written off after an accident, it may take time to go through all the details before approval for a replacement is granted. In such cases, you will need a temporary car to run your usual errands until yours is fully restored. Fortunately, most insurance companies sometimes offer extensive protection options that allow you to use a fully secured car while awaiting compensation. Read More 

Do You Need An Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy?

If you are shopping for life insurance, there are many different products on the market. Most people only consider term or whole life insurance, but other products provide greater benefits. One of these is Indexed Universal Life Insurance. Precisely what is this policy that offers so much more than insurance? Here are a few reasons to consider adding one of these policies to your portfolio.  What Is Indexed Universal Life? Read More 

Three Steps To Choosing The Right Medicare Plan

Trying to figure out the best Medicare plan can be very confusing. You often feel like you have to relearn the alphabet. You have Original Medicare Parts A & B, and Medicare Advantage Plans Part C, prescription drug plans, or Part D. If that is not confusing enough, you have Medicare Supplement Plans A - N. No one plan fits all, but your choice will impact your coverage for the next twelve months or longer. Read More 

Benefits Of Workers’ Comp Insurance For Salon Employees

As a salon owner, you understand the importance of carrying insurance for a variety of situations. Your focus might be on the risk of injury to your customers, but it is important that you realize there is also a risk of injury to your employees. As such, you should make sure you have a solid workers' comp insurance plan in place. Common Risks Associated with Salon Employees Working at a salon might not seem like a hazardous job, but employees are at risk of numerous injuries, including: Read More